How to install the VIVO smoke detector?

The miniature smoke detector VIVO is very easy to install either with 2 screws or with the 3M adhesive supplied. The installation is done in seconds. It is recommended to install the detector with the 2 screws provided.

Can not find the button to test the correct operation of the VIVO product?

The VIVO can be tested by pushing the entire lower part of the detector. In order to guarantee a unique design, the test button is integrated throughout the game. By holding down a few seconds on this lower part, the detector will emit a beep that will guarantee that your products will work properly.

Is the battery of the VIVO detector replaceable?

The product VIVO is equipped with a battery 10 years which will guarantee you security during this duration.

What should I do if there is an audible alarm?

The LUMENS product meets the EN14604 standard for smoke detection. LUMENS can beep for the following reasons: low battery, hush function activated …

If the alarm is triggered, it is necessary to be vigilant and to ensure that there is no fire. If this is not the case, please refer to your user manual to understand the reasons for the alarm. In the event of a repetitive problem, we invite you to contact our customer service.